Only a Veil of Flour … Choco-Coffee Cheesecake NY

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For the biscuit base:
– 300 g. of digestive biscuits
– 80 g. of melted butter
– 50 g. unsweetened cocoa
– 40 g. sugar
– 3 g. of instant coffee
– 2 g. of ground cinnamon
For the cream:
– 45 g. of strong espresso coffee
– 15 g. instant coffee strong
– 45 g. rum (the book takes coffee liqueur, I had not)
– Seeds of 1 vanilla bean
– 350 g. dark chocolate (I 75%)
– 800 g. of soft cheese
– 300 g. of greek yogurt
– 180 g. granulated sugar
– 3 organic eggs
For the garnish:
– Strawberries and blackberries taste

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