Cantina dei Colli Ripani: the brand new look of the Organic Line

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Cyclicity” and “Karma” are the keywords that inspire the design of the new Organic line labels, designed and produced for Cantina Colli Ripani. The primary goal is to leverage the new identity of the bottles to convey the theme of organic production and environmental sensitivity by stressing the value of “respect” and an objectively good product quality.

To purchase an organic product is to choose from a biunivocal field: it’s good for us and it’s good for the planet. In fact, in reading the new labels the consumer should be able to grasp the importance of the value of the “cycle. Give respect to get respect, offer kindness to receive kindness, choose quality to benefit from it, all the way.

The design of the new labels literally revolves around this theme. The consumer and nature are linked in a continuous cycle. The concept was put into practice by designing a layout with an “open” message, a headline without a well-defined beginning or end, but rather with a circular format, designed to be read as a virtually endless loop. […]

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